Earnings Season Play. Will Amazon's earnings ignite an internet stock rally or feed the bear market?


by Bill Baker, J.D.
Editor and publisher, SINL

In sentiment to the Facebook (FB) post earnings rally, Amazon (AMZN) has rallied more than 30 points in intraday trading with the expectation that Amazon's earnings report will exceed expectations after the market close today.

As I see it, Walmart's (WMTclosure of more than 100 stores across the United States is good news for Amazon and may be a strong indication that the brick and mortar retail sales model is succumbing to Amazon's online retail juggernaut. 

Macy's (M), J C Penney (JCP), Sears (S), Nordstrom (JWM), etc. are all casualties in the paradigm shift from brick and mortar to online retail sales. 

Amazon's model is the future for retail sales. Regardless of where the price of AMZN ends up after it reports earnings, it is clear that the brick and mortar retail titans of the 20th century must attempt to adopt Amazon's business model or they will go out of business.